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The songs of Bob Dylan as performed by Bob and hundreds of the best artists of the past five decades.

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I grew up in Detroit and was in junior high in 1955, so I was catching the Rock and Roll wave as soon as it started. Through the late fifties, I listened to Detroit DJs like Mickey Shorr, Casey Kasem (who was born in Detroit and was the original "Jack the Bellboy" on WJBK), Tom Clay, Lee Allen, Ed McKenzie and others. In the early 60s, I was working for WJBK and WJLB, and had relocated to Boston where I was on the air at WTBS and listening to Arnie Ginsberg and Fenway on WMEX.

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Bob Dylan is recognized by musicians and fans alike as a unique artist. Hundreds of them have recorded his songs and paid tribute to his influence on music and culture. Here in 2010, thousands attend his concerts wherever they are held around the world. All this may tell you something, but it is only a sidebar when we listen to the music. That's what Bob Dylan Tracks is about.

This is not folk music. Dylan moved on from that sound around 1964 after having written the songs that underscored the 60s. The tracks here have mostly been recorded later and include a spectrum of styles from rap to reggae, gospel to blues, and country to rock.

Bob Dylan himself is still the best interpreter of his songs, so we play an many of his tracks as we can subject to DMCA rules. Comments, question, and requests are welcome.