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Just Kick Back & Relax! We play all genres of Easy Listening music. No commercials, no breaks, only music! We're not the type of Easy listening that you would expect. Every artist or group has a soft side to them. From the oldies to todays music!

About EasyGoing

By the way, just about every penny needed to keep the music playing is paid by myself and a very understanding wife. She knows how much I love music, helping new Independent Artists/ Bands, and playing the Greats. We pay full royalties, bandwidth, etc. into the thousands to keep everything running. Support Us: All you have to do is sign-up on our home website page at http://www.EasyListening.com. You can post messages that I look at which helps me decide what should come and go on our play-list, and gives me a way to notify you when any major changes happen to the station, such as we just added the play-list Scheduler. Thanks, Easygoing!

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My story is very simple; I have no commercials and do not make one penny off our station. Many would think I'm crazy but I'm not. I just love music and want to share what I like with others. The classic songs bring back great memories of the past and the new talent coming out right now is so good, that it's a kick in the ass to search them out. I try to keep a equal balance between the two. I love all genres which makes it a little easier for me to decide what makes it or not on our play-list. My goal is to make our station the #1-heard EasyListening Station in the nation and we are almost there.

Support us by going to www.easylistening.com and getting the embed code for our radio player. Also if you have not signed up on our website, I would apporeciate it. You know a little about me, and the info I get from you helps me know what type of people I play to, which helps me decide on what songs to play. I also get another kick to find out that I have doctors, writers, music industry people, attorneys, sport freaks, retired people, college students, readers, etc. that listen in. What a mix.