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Bossa Nova and more from Salvador's musical Pousada Encanto de Itapoan...

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Well, I am a 53 years old that have experienced lots of things in life, lived abroad,in England for three years, studied at Guidhall Scholl of Music and Drama, Classical Guitar, enjoy having the Pousada Encanto de Itapoan and meeting nice people but the only thing that haven´t changed in all my live was the love I feel for music. If there is a way of realy toching God´s Finger for me it happens when you listen or play or create a nice piece of music. Actually I have a teory that music is the only area that gets people together. If you take sports for example, olympics, fighting, fashion, industry, anything, you name it, there will always be a extremely forcefull competion, no matters what but not in music, even for the musictians there will always be some getting together, a real sense of god luck, I prefer to think so, what about you. have a nice day! I hope you like the music we choose and the music we make. Best Wishes, octacilio rocha