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Message With Love Broadcast is an internet outreach radio ministry reaching the body of Christ and empowering believers to stand strong and live a successful life through obeying the Word of God.

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Percy L. Craine have been in ministry for over 19 years and have planted two ministries. They have been involved in television and radio outreach; street and tent crusades. They have been called to teach the Word of God with as much simplicity and understanding as possible, so that the believer may apply this power to their lives and prove what is good and acceptable through the perfect will of God. The launching of this Internet web cast ministry called A Message With Love, which is heard World-Wide 24 hours each day, 7 days a week; is another God-given opportunity to reach the masses and be able to equipped believers to live in victory by allowing the power of God to flow through their everyday life.

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Many people are moving away from the church because of the hurt and suffering they have been subject to from the hands of other in the church. The amount of division, gossip, jealousy, and pride that has now filled the place of worship, some have already given up the fight and the enemy is rejoicing over their defeat. Due to the pressure and the lack of teaching many new Christians have returned to their old way of life. It is the devil's way of trying to discourage those who are sincere about serving the Lord. Beloveth, don’t let anything hinder you from being committed to the call of the Lord upon your life. Every person will have to give an account for the things they knew were wrong and did nothing to change their ways. There is also a reward waiting for those of you who turn from sin to live a life pleasing to God. Beloveth, I pray that these teachings through our internet broadcast will help you overcome the tricks of the enemy. That you will be empowered to be a blessing to those around you who need to see someone standing up for Christ. It’s time to bring truth back to the forefront and not compromise the gospel just to be popular in the eyes of others. Continue to tune in to our live teachings every week; we will keep you posted of our upcoming times. May God continually bless you and your endeavor to stand strong in the Faith. Remember, never give up your inheritance, you have been design for greatness. Beloveth you have just been empowered, now go forth and conquer you day! Your Servants In Christ Percy & Leaser Craine Message With Love Making A Difference