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It's the stroke of midnight, and KIBM Internet Radio has opened Pandora's box, A faint WHISTLE can be heard....the SUSPENSE builds. What lies in the darkness of the box is your own fear and imagination.

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KIBM Internet Radio presents Suspense, The Whistler, Quiet Please, The Mysterious Traveler & Inner Sanctum. These series will alternate in the playlist. Thirty minutes of Suspense, thirty minutes of The Whistler, thirty minutes of Quiet Please, etc.

I just want everyone to know...the reason the shows are split and you'll hear the station break at the 15 minute mark is because this is what Live365 mandated. For each show that's over 30 minutes, it must be split in half. That makes for an awkward listening experience, I know. There is nothing I can do about the split shows. It's either play the shows that way, or not at all.

Currently, this stream only has 5 non-VIP (free) listener slots. That only allows me 36 hours of shows per update. I'll try to update this stream once or twice per week. Hopefully, if this stream attracts a large enough VIP audience, I'll be able to use those rewards and open Nightmares up to even more free listeners. We'll see how things go.

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