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Freedom Through Faith Ministries (FTFM) has been proclaiming and teaching the Word of God since 1999 when Robert R. Thibodeau (Brother Bob) founded the ministry in Fort Worth, Texas. He is the founder and current director of the ministry, which has been located in Baltimore, Maryland since 2001. Since the inception of FTFM, Brother Bob has worked with other ministries in the conduct of crusades and large-scale concerts all across America. He has seen healings and miracles take place during these events, and has realized what the Power of God can do in a persons life once they accept Jesus as Lord! With Faith in God, all things are possible to him who believes! The primary purpose of FTFM is to evangelize, disciple, teach and empower people everywhere to impact their world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “Brother Bob” does this by introducing them to Jesus as their Savior and motivating them to apply Biblical Principles in their everyday life. In addition to his weekly radio broadcasts on selected radio stations located in various parts of the United States, Brother Bob has founded this Internet radio station, "Freedom Through Faith Christian Radio," which is heard around the world. The Internet broadcast is primarily focused on ministering to the former Eastern Bloc and surrounding countries, China, the Middle East and African nations. The focus of this radio station is to allow non-English speaking Christian Pastors the opportunity to minister on the radio, in their own languages, to their own people, in their own culture and country. We intend to accomplish this by keeping the broadcasts current in the "afternoon" time zones in various locales around the world. For example, from 11am to 6pm would be English in the U.S. (Eastern Time). Then, the Pacific Island nations would begin for a few hours; followed by the Far East; followed by India, Pakistan; then Russian language programing; Germany would have a few hours; then we would switch over to Spanish and then back to English again.... As we begin, these broadcasts will be in English only, until Pastors in other nations sign on and provide their broadcasts to us. As always, we pray for our Partners on a daily basis. YOU are the most important aspect of this Ministry. YOU are the reason we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the Cross. YOU are the reason JESUS IS LORD! Remember, "Be of Good cheer, for Jesus has overcome the world (and all the problems of the world). And this is the Victory that overcomes the world” - your Faith and our Faith in agreement together! For more information on Robert Thibodeau and Freedom Through Faith Christian Radio and Freedom Through Faith Ministries, please visit our website at www.FTFM.org.