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Smooth Jazz R&B, 95-99 BPM Groove Zone, The Bassline Experience, WARNING! DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS STATION IF YOU ARE NOT CHILLING...

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Raised in Southern California, LA County area, close to the beach and a hop skip and a jump away from the Skiing Mountains. Smooth jazz has always been a part of my family’s laid back lifestyle. My parent’s would drive my sister and I on weekend trips (almost every weekend) all around Southern California, sometimes toward the North and sometimes towards the South; from LA to as far as San Francisco, or as far south as Tijuana, Mexico, all the while listening to 94.7 the Wave, and in earlier years KGGI. My parents loved listening to Smooth Jazz on the road all the time, and when they drove past a radio stations range, they would try to find another station with the same format. If that didn't work, they would pop in a Grover Washington 8-track tape. Since then, I have always been a consistent & loving listener of Smooth Jazz. During those earlier times, kids my age 10-12 years old never listened to Jazz; let alone, try to understand why I did? I guess I was lucky enough to have listened to so much Jazz for so many years that I learned to appreciate its complex sounds. All of the good memories of riding around with my family & discovering new places while listening to Jazz is why I've developed a passion for jazz at that early age. We had always been a family that listened to R&B and Jazz and I believe that the R&B had the most influence on me embracing the tracks of Smooth Jazz more than any other genre of Jazz, although I do love all genres of Jazz music, Smooth Jazz is my passion…. I will leave you now to enjoy this compilation of many years of compiled Smooth Jazz & R&B songs that just touched me for their smart Baselines and smooth compositions which is just a small sample of 35 yrs. of Jazz, and why I call this “The Baseline Experience.”

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Smooth Jazz with some contemporary R&B cuts mixed in. This playlist is best heard while chilling on a beach, driving down a highway, or sitting in the passenger seat staring out of the window at the city lights and stars above, or maybe just relaxing at home. Take the FUZE JAZZ tour with you on all your lifes journeys. Tune in and let your mind marinate on life, love, happiness, contentment, or even when your feeling a little melancholy. Welcome to the FUZE JAZZ experience, I hope you enjoy these Smooth Jazz and R&B specialty cuts as much as I do. This is one part of over 35 years of Smooth Jazz listening exprience. Welcome to "The Bass Line Experience." This is a compilation of super fantastic Smooth Jazz songs that contain the smoothest, mellowest baselines in all of smooth jazz, 90-99 BEATS PER MINUTE.... P.S. If you are not a VIP member you can still leave me a message on Facebook, please search for Fuze Jazz, and remember to listen for new content all the time. It only gets better