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Since its 1996 launch in Baltimore, Md., Grateful Dread Peace Media, our independent nonprofit media activism and business journalism – writing-services company, has presented GRATEFUL DREAD PUBLIC RADIO, an internet radio station airing diverse sounds and ideas for open minds. The peace-progressive listener-supported station provides daily news, progressive news/talk programming and commentary, points of view you won’t hear on corporate media, Nashville-area activism events, information and opportunities, lifestyle info you can use on a variety of subjects, and our singular “Kind Mix” of multigenre music featuring “name” and indie artists playing rock, reggae, jamband, country, folk, jazz, blues, funk, bluegrass, intelligent pop, ska, world and more. Now, GDPR is based in Nashville, TN: The mission behind the music and information has numerous planks, as we have a big job to do: to spread a peace and justice message throughout Music City and Middle Tennessee, the California Bay Area — the homebase of US progressivism, where we have an active news bureau – and the available listening community (the world); to entertain, inform, challlenge, inspire and involve in hopes of motivating people to THINK and to do their part to make this a better world; to give needed exposure to artists and musical genres largely shut out of the mainstream and give a platform to ideas and issues commercial, corporate media ignore; to educate on progressive issues, civil rights, animal welfare, sustainable, positive counterculture and green living, tolerance and nonviolence; to shine a light on arts and culture and offer rare exposure to artists and craftpersons who share their talents; to build a strong, progressive community so we can together help to bring about a more peaceful, just, open society where equality under law exists for all; to turn red Tennessee PURPLE! GDPR NASHVILLE officially debuts May 1, 2014. While you may listen for free (we recommend LIVE365 VIP, which is separate, to avoid their ads) this is an activist/altruist nonprofit effort, radio on the honor system. Our effort is nonprofit and lives or dies on the financial and in-kind contributions of listener-members and area businesses and organizations.

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Music City's Grateful Dread Public Radio is here! GDPR provides community service nonprofit listener-supported Internet public radio for a better world: news/talk programming, multigenre music, activism, POVs you won’t find in mainstream, corporate radio and more. Join us as we serve Progressive Nashville as well as the California Bay Area and beyond and help turn Tennessee purple! Listen and become a sustaining member.