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shoegaze radio, complemented with dreampop, electronic and independent flavors

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groovyjim is the online alias for dj cartoon boyfriend who was on the air at kzsu from 90-94 and kazu from 94-95. from years of working in college radio, public radio, record stores and the music biz, he has compiled vertigo completely of music that is just too good to go unheard.

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vertigo is shoegaze radio, complemented with dreampop, electronic and independent flavors...your shoes never looked better! new are songs added all the time. comments, questions and requests are welcome at

artists past and present on vertigo:

aberdeen, adorable, aerial love feed, afraid of stairs, air formation, airiel, alcian blue, all about eve, amusement parks on fire, anilore, the apples in stereo, ask for joy, asobi seksu, astral, astreal, au revoir simone, autolux, the autumns, autumn's grey solace, the black angels, blind mr. jones, blonde redhead, bluescreen, blur, boo radleys, bowery electric, brian jonestown massacre, brief candles, brittle stars, the butterfly explosion, the capsules, catherine wheel, celestial, cellophane rain, ceremony, cerulean, chameleons, chapterhouse, the charlatans, citizens here and abroad, clams, the clouds, cocteau twins, the consultants, cosmicdust, curve, the curtain society, the dandy warhols, the darling buds, daydream nation, the daysleepers. death cab for cutie, death in vegas, the decemberists, deep cut, the delays, destroyalldreamers, detwije, dirty on purpose, douglas heart, doves, dreamend, drop nineteens, dulcesky, echodrone, editors, electro group, elika, the emerald down, engineers, epo 555, eskimohunter, ether aura, evervess, everything gone green, experimental aircraft, th' faith healers uk, the falling leaves, fathom 5, the fauns, february, film school, fleeting joys, folksongs for the afterlife, fonda, for those who know, foxtail somersault, fragile, galaxie 500, ghost of the russian empire, god is an astronaut, guitaro, hammock, hartfield, hearts of black science, the heart throbs, heavïness, helen stellar, highspire, the high violets, hinterland, hope chest, hope factory, interpol, the invisible kid, ivy, january, jellybelly, the jennifers, jessamine, the jesus and mary chain, jets overhead, joy zipper, kitchens of distinction, ladytron, lali puna, language of flowers, the lassie foundation, the life and times, lilys, lionheart brothers, lovelikefire, loveninjas, lsd and the search for god, lush, m83, mahogany, malory, maps, maribel, marine time keepers, massive attack, mazarin, mean red spiders, medicine, the meeting places, the melody unit, mew, model morning, mogwai, monoland, monster movie, moose, the morning after girls, the motorcycle boy, my bloody valentine, my violent ego, the naked souls, neutral milk hotel, ninotchka, old magic pallas, olivia tremor control, the organ, orange yellow red, pacific uv, pale saints, panda riot, pellumair, pia fraus, popface, the postal service, primal scream, the primitives, project skyward, the race, radar bros, the radio dept, raymond scott woolson, readymade, red house painters, revolver, resplandor, ride, rockethouse, rollerskate skinny, the rosemarys, rumskib, safeashome, sambassadeur, saturna, sciflyer, secret shine, sennen, serena-maneesh, shallow, sigur ros, silvania, silver screen, silversun pickups, sing-sing, six by seven, the sky drops, skywave, sleepless, the sleepover disaster, slowdive, smashing orange, snowdonnas, soundclub, soundpool, south ambulance, spacemen 3, spectrum, spirea x, spiritualized, spoonfed hybrid, spotlight kid, springhouse, star, starflyer 59, stars, stereolab, the stevenson ranch davidians, the stone roses, submarine, sun dial, sunsplit, super thirty-one, sway, swervedriver, swoon, the tamborines, tears run rings, tearwave, teenage fanclub, the telescopes, televise, thebrotherkite, thee heavenly music association, tree wave, trespassers william, ulrich schnauss, ultra vivid scene, the vera violets, the verve, the voices, the von trapps, the year zero, yo la tengo & many, many more!

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