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So, this is supposed to be about me right? Well, at first I pasted a paragraph of biographical mumbo jumbo. Then, I thought..."who cares?" isn't about me. It's about the music. All music motivates. Somebody. Somewhere. And it doesn't matter whether it's rock or opera. Somebody is getting turned on. Music is emotional expression with passion. That's especially true with rock-n-roll. There are very few boundaries on Classic Rock Plus! Because Rock has taken many forms over the years, and I imagine will continue to do so in the future. It's all good. Are you willing to see and hear it? That's what I am about, and so is Classic Rock Plus!

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No laundry list of artist names here. Every song "aired" represents a short 2-8 minute journey into rock history which is being made even as you read this. There are few walls, categories, classifications, whatever you want to call our obsessive desire to put all things, especially music, in perfectly organized classes. It's the Classic Rock Plus! manifesto.