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Herb began his ministry on the streets of Wilmington rescuing men, women, children and even a pregnant cat from the cold of winter inviting them into the storefront shelter. He founded Friends Mission and God blessed this ministry with many powerful demonstrations. The food never ran out, the kerosene heater never stopped and the rent was paid. For example, one time someone brought a casserole to the store. There clearly was not enough to feed the group gathered. Herb prayed over the food and began serving. Everyone ate his or her fill. Carrie has served as a pastor in small churches for almost thirty years. She is a gifted singer and musician and loves to lead worship. God blessed Herb and Carrie with children. Together they study God's creation from gazing at the amazing wonders of the stars to watching the awesome power of God in a thunderstorm. This radio station, Song of the Shofar, is the fulfillment of God's calling to obey the Great Commission to proclaim the gospel of Jesus the Messiah to the world.