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Keepin the traditions of true country, bluegrass, honky tonk, cowboy, western swing, zydeco, hillbilly, hellbilly and rockabilly music alive.

About Ol' Chuck & Floppy

Sadly to say Hillbilly Heaven will be going off the internet airwaves in the very near future. The monies spent to continue operating the station are going to be used in support of The Wounded Warriors Project. We have grown quite a large listener base over the years around the world and Floppy, Bertha and I thank all of you for listening in. It's been a fun and enjoyable ride. God bless you and yours and thanks again fer lendin' an ear. Check us out on FACEBOOK - Like & Join Us at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hillbilly-Heaven-Radio-with-Ol-Chuck-and-Floppy/233823971517 Ol' Chuck & Floppy broadcastin' from the tippytop of Buck Hill in Mount Jackson, Virginia. Located in the Shenandoah mountains and valley area about 8 miles as the crow flies from the West Virginia border and the Alleghenies Range. The broadcast is from Ol' Chuck's Honky Tonk which is actually a screened in room on his back deck overlooking the valley farms, foothills and flatlands, the town of Mt. Jackson and the Big Knob of the Massanutten range. Ol' Chuck is one of the old guys doin' his best to help preserve the traditions of true and original country and bluegrass music. Ol' Chuck was born in Philly Pa. a long, long time ago. Been a city slicker for most of his life. He escaped from the urban culture and rat race of life when he heard a voice callin' his name from a distant holler in the wilderness. Ol' Chuck followed that eery sound echoing across the mountains and valleys to the River of Stars (the Shenandoah). It's tough to find true traditional country and bluegrass on the airwaves these days. The troubadors of the past and some of the new ones carryin' on the culture and tradition is what y'all will hear here. From the Great Beyond to that Lost Highway. All the Hanks- Williamses-(Sr. Jr. & III), Snow, Thompson, Locklin and then some. The Johnnys- Cash, Paycheck and then some. Webb, Willie, Waylon, Patsy, George, Faron, Ferlin, Bob Wills, June, Jim aned on and on and on. From Lester and Earl to The Steeldrivers. They are all here and proud to have you in the house. Lotsa rare cuts and even the old Hank Williams Health and Happiness Radio Show. Music with true feeling and high lonesome. Whether you are out there howlin' at the moon, out on the lost highway, in your local honky tonk, out tendin' to your fields, treckin' down an old deer path, rockin' on the porch, fixin' your truck or sloggin' n boggin' in the mud it's time to come on in and open a jug, light up or pinch a chaw, relax and travel with us to another space in time. Where life is simple and innocent. Respect for your neighbor and nature, proud of your country and those that serve to keep it free, love of family and God ring through the woodlands. Once again it's time to venture on into Hillbilly Heaven. Ol' Chuck is also an artist. Most of his fine art work and photography is of the Shenandoah mountains and valley. You can view his work at: oliverartworks.com or charlesoliverart.com He also maintains a website on MySpace that is a tribute to Hank Williams and his music- myspace.com/hiramhankwilliams. Ol' Chuck also has videos he's made at: youtube.com/hiramhank As Ol' Chuck & Floppy would say, "Right proud to have ya in the house!"

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