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Nothing but the best movie themes (Fully Restored 8th Jul 05)

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Important news
Live365 Host server crashed over the weekend starting 2nd July and ~Moviola~ lost all its precious hoard of nearly 700 tracks painfully collected and uploaded into Live365 over a period of 4 years. As I am only a hobbyist radio DJ unlike the other professional soundtrack stations out there, I have only started to put up about a fraction of the tracks I used to own with the limited amount of time I can spare outside of my full time job. It is now broadcasting again but with a much smaller playlist which will grow gradually as I find more time to re-record my mp3s again and upload back here. Please bear with me as recovery takes place. Thanks again for all your emails and support.

I have a few thousand CDs, soundtracks represent about 5% of these. I will probably create other stations later that will reflect the other portions of my collection. I am also an audiophile, so the music I listen to must have a high quality recording to begin with.

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Important news
On 8th July, Live365 has fully restored ~Moviola~ back to the state before the server crash on 4th of July weekend. Thanks again for all your emails and support for ~Moviola when it was incapacitated for nearly a week.

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I offer soundtracks that are at once memorable and get you humming. Romantic and majestic scores that touch the heart and the soul are carefully picked, from the masses of soundtracks out there that are just crafted to suit the movies. My selections are crafted to evoke your ups and downs in life. There's also an oriental feel to some of them as I blend in soundtracks from Asian-themed movies. Thanks to all who have been tuning to Moviola and writing to me.Your support has been crucial to the continued success of this seldom publicised station which has no broadcaster website yet. :-)
Latest additions to Moviola:
Jan Kaczmarek's Finding Neverland
Vangelis's Alexander
Umebayashi Shigeru's House of Flying Daggers
Bruno Coulais' Les Choristes
Jame Horner's Troy
Jame Newton-Howard's Hidalgo
Jame Horner's Peter Pan
John William's Prisoner of Azkaban
Alexandre Desplat's Girl with a Pearl Earring
Stephen Endelman's Evelyn
Mark Isham's October Sky
John Debney's The Passion
Danny Elfman's Big Fish
Randy Edelman's Gettysburg
Brian Tyler's Children of Dune
Hans Zimmer's Last Samurai
James Horner's House of Sand and Fog
Thomas Newman's Angels In America
James Horner's Beyond Borders
Patrick Doyle's 2ndhand Lions
Craig Armstrong's Love Actually
Christopher Beck's Under the Tuscan Sun
Klaus Badelt's Ned Kelly
Randy Newman's Seabiscuit
Elliot Goldenthal's Frida
Klaus Badelt's K19
Cyril Morin's Samsara
Thomas Newman's Road To Perdition
Mark Isham's Life as a House
Jan Kaczmarek's Unfaithful
Mark Snow's Crazy in Alabama
Tan Dun's Hero
Hans Zimmer's Radio Flyer
Joe Hisaishi's Kikujiro.
Gabriel Yared's Autumn in New York
James Horner's Searching for Bobby Fisher
Randy Edelman's Gods & Generals