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Scheduled show of Fresh New Guitar Power Pop! Latest from Green Day, Posies, Vampire weekend, Frightened Rabbit, Tegan & Sara, We Were Promised Jet Packs and MANY MORE! (Find Power Pop Guitars CFSB on Facebook!)
DJ: janglepop
Location: Decatur, GA

Created: Aug 26, 01
Updated: Apr 19, 14

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Welcome to Power Pop Guitars brought to you by CHOCOLATE FROSTED SUGAR BOMBS! Tastiest uptempo guitar-based Power Pop from The British Invasion to Now! Tremendous VARIETY...over 70 HOURS OF QUALITY TUNES...over 700 different artists...over 1400 SONGS...from ALL eras of power pop music!

No other power pop station comes close the depth and variety found right here on CFSB! There is so much great power pop out there - why listen to the same repetitive playlist over and over? Includes an abundance of newly released material... updated all the time.

Check the station schedule page for shows dedicated to the latest releases, the 60s British Invasion, the late 70s/early 80s Power Pop Revival, and "Grrrls and Guitars" - female fronted power pop.

Say NO to tedious ballads, posing arena rock, shrieking incoherent singers, boring/souless keyboard work, and pretentious art-rock.


POWER POP is essentially a cross between the melodic sound of the Beatles and the crunch of the Who. Good Power Pop combines strong melodies, clean chiming guitars, romantic/teen lyrical themes, luscious harmonies, memorable hooks and a driving uptempo rhythm section.

Power Pop came with the British Invasion, peaked in the late 70's, went underground in the 80's, experienced a strong resurgence in the 90's and is a vibrant musical niche today. It's a testament to how much great CURRENT power pop is out there that more than half the songs in the playlist were recorded AFTER I started the station!

I'd still call the station CHOCOLATE FROSTED SUGAR BOMBS as I did in 2001 except Live365 no longer accepts names that long. Urrgh!!!

Station now formatted for high-quality mobile device listening! Great Car Tunes!!!!

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