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Joshua Generation Radio is a ministry born through the vision of The Joshua House of Worship Ministries, Inc. located on the west side of San Antonio, Texas. Though JHOW born, Joshua Generation Radio has a life and a calling far beyond JHOW’s physical boundaries and personal ministry. Our platform of partnership is a foundational network for sound, biblical, prophetic & practical artillery set to minister recovery to the fallen man in the midst of a sin sickened world. We join hands with the righteous, God ordained comrades sent our way in order to better serve our community as beacons of light and bridges of hope. Our vision is to create and maintain a diverse, ministry platform that enables a solid partnership between several other likeminded kingdom ambassadors. Our goal is to implement community transformation through partnership with those set on building the kingdom of God, rather than our own material empires. As we network victims and victors together and problems with solutions; God will get the glory and kingdom communities will be built up in love. We believe that success is best suited with service and crowns must match our character. Our goal is not to have ‘the look’ but to possess ‘the reality’ of success. Our goal is not to be bigger but to become better. Our pleasure is not found in blessing ourselves but in being a blessing. Our joy is speak life, to bring peace and to restore wholeness to the things around us that are broken. We want everything God has for us; nothing less and nothing more. We honor obedience toward God. We set our hearts in determined conquest over everything needed to reach His promises. We are warriors; we are soldiers; we are ambassadors and we endeavor to uplift, edify, equip, encourage and liberate those who are held captive, spell bound, oppressed and wounded. We bind our hearts together to minister our Lord’s compassion in cold and barren places. We bind our mouths together to voice the cries of those who cannot be heard. We bind our hands together to embrace those who have been abandoned and abused. We bind our minds together to creatively strategize plans and systems of ministry that incorporate new methods of communicating an unchanging message from our eternal Lord. We step out on faith to go as far as He will take us. We seek agreement and reconciliation whenever possible but we seek truth always. We are a ministry voice and a service minded body of believers that are: amazing, authentic, challenging, compassionate, courageous, diverse, divine, edifying, evangelistic, exposing, healing, holistic, inspiring, redemptive, refreshing, relevant, restoring, righteous, unique, uplifting, and worthy of the devil’s frown of dissatisfaction and God’s smile of approval. We thank you for your partnership and your prayers. Father’s Favor, Pastor Mel