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A Real Oldies Station! All the classics and all those songs you had forgotten about. If you heard it in the 60's & 50's you'll eventually hear it here. Charted Hits from the US as well as the UK. If you have a request, we have it..............

About California Jim

My name is Jim Luis and I grew up in Oakland, California in the 50's & 60's and was the record geek that could tell you who sang what song, what year it was recorded, what was on the flip side and who wrote the song! Unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to the record labels themselves. After spending a couple of years in college I decided I wanted to work in radio and put my knowledge to use, so I went to Chris Borden School of Radio in SF and eventually got a job in radio in a small market in Mendocino, CA. When I came back to the bay area I landed a job with Franklin Mieuli and Associates/San Francisco Warriors where I worked as an associate in the broadcast side of the Warriors and in their recording studio that was in the basement. I worked with ad agencies and oldie stations where I was involved in programming music with KYA, KLOK and KNEW. I worked with the late John Gllihand on the "Pop Chronicles of the 50's & 60's" while he worked at KSFO (and the Pop Chronicles of the 40's). I was able to work with many famous athletes in all sports and many of the local TV and radio personalities including Hank Greenwald and Bill king. After five years I moved on to KGO talk radio as a full time producer and from there I was fortunate to work with many famous people from authors to Hollywood stars. I also was the first person to ever interview Sly Stone, another alumni of Chris Borden's radio school. But my passion was always MUSIC and I have collected 45's since the early 60's and also inherited a valuable collection from a cousin in 1992. I have nearly a 1,000 CD's, 10,000 LP's in my garage and about 6,000 45's along with 35,000 plus songs on my hard drive and growing.

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