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Main stream music with Just Positive Lyrics with positive messages. Get your groove on without the guilt.

About JPL Music Engineer

GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! Music is about life. Fortunately, the majority of time of most of our days is not caught-up in relationships, drugs or violence. Our lives have to do with much more; ie., school, work, family, fun, sports, activities, etc. Hence, Just Positive Lyrics Radio is the secular answer to the sex crazed, violence ridden, uncensored , socially selfish, overly commercialized, demoralizing & lyrically offensive music of mainstream radio. We’re an internet-based radio station which gives us international exposure. We are the origin of the genre of music known as PL Music (Positive Lyrics Music). Your PL-music is interwoven with other genres yet it remains a distinct & identifiable genre of it’s own. Hence We Provide: *PL R&B - PL Jazz - PL Classic Rock & Roll - PL Rap - PL Salsa - PL Caribbean *** SEE our Blog-of-Positivity at *Our website serves as a portal for current and all future PL genres. *Daily Empowerment Themes are a mainstay of our radio network. Thank you for your attention & rejoice in knowing you, your children, & your grandchildren can enjoy your music without offensive lyrics. Don't forget to see our Blog-of-Positivity at Troy B. Williams, Founder & Program Director