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On the 2nd of May 2011 this station will cease. Live 365 will make it VIP. I leave the legacy for you. Find me now at Sky.Fm - Jazz Classics, playing 10,000 tracks

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My passion is for the music of the 20s, 30s and 40s. I simply share my passion with you. I have well over 10,000 tracks to share. Some are pretty crackly and are as good as can be recovered. I think they are all worth being heard. This is labour of love. There are tracks from 1900 -20 as well as post 1950 but they fit the general nature of the station. So enjoy!

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Requests to studio@kafkasworld.com Broadcasting via Shoutcast : Here

Kafkasworld Radio has changed its name to Radio Days. Why?

Well the main station has moved over to be part of the Jazzradio.com network and is to found as Timeless Classics and on Sky.FM as Jazz Classics and on Shoutcast as Amazing Jazz Classics

So what to do with my existing Shoutcast/Live 365 streams. Well this gives me a chance to explore a newer concept.

All the old songs are still there in the playlist and I am still broadcasting live. However I have a large catalogue of digitally remastered Radio Shows form the 30s and 40s featuring all the top musical acts of the day. So I have decided to add them to the mix.

There is something really special in my mind about hearing Benny Goodman, Count Basie or The Andrews Sisters live as they were in those days gone by.

So it isn’t quite a change in direction just a bigger variety of material and a new opportunity to hear things that won’t have come your way before.

I just want to share with you something about which I am passionate and to try and reflect what music programming was like in the old days. So please welcome to stage RADIO DAYS!

This is my hobby. My passion. I share it with you. Of course it costs money but all hobbies do and I certainly won’t be asking you to fund it but if you want to write to me, pass a comment then write to me at studio@kafkasworld.com

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