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Selections from a personal collection of over 2,300 Hawaiian LP vinyl records featuring island recording artists, lounge acts, easy listening orchestras & vocalists, steel guitar & exotica from the 1940s- 80s. Standards plus rarities & oddities.

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My grandfather was an audiophile in Pennsylvania with a special interest in Hawaiian records. As a young child, I was captivated by this music. I began amassing LPs of Hawaiian music in kindergarten and have never stopped. Throughout my childhood & teen years, friends & relatives frequently presented me w/ gifts of Hawaiian albums. In my adult years living both in Hawaii & on the continent, I continued to search out records in thrift shops, special sales, online sites, anywhere they were to be found. Today, I am the "curator" of a collection of about 2,300 LPs of music. Although I have, in the past, worked professionally in radio both in Hawaii & on the continent, and I am aware of the "collector's value" of certain items,as well as the "non-value" of others, for me, my collecting has never been about these things. This music represents a documentation of a time period, what was being recorded in Hawaii by those living there (as there continues to be a very active recording industry IN Hawaii), what was being recorded by artists on the continent/overseas in the "Hawaiian" music realm, as well as how the Hawaiian steel guitar was being utilized in non-Hawaiian pop recordings. It represents the Hawaii of the past, sometimes authentic cultural expressions, sometimes purely commercial undertakings, and often represents the hopes, dreams & ideas of a paradise that may only exist in the mind...or in music. This "hobby station" is offered simply as a way of sharing this collection of albums. The station playlist is not a "Best Of" or a selection of my personal favorites. It's simply an "overview" or "sampling" of the collection. It's my hope that those few souls who would enjoy this music might spend a little time listening here. You may want to "like" the Facebook page for some album images & record collecting ephemera. http://www.facebook.com/HawaiianHiFiOnLive365Radio https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGYUkV5NiLqHn4yPG9RcwjA

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For me,the sound of a phonograph needle on a record is lovely & nostalgic. It's a sound I have no desire to "filter out." A record, over the years, may develop a skip or scratch...and that's okay. It's like a wrinkle developing on a loved one's face. It means the record has been played, loved, & appreciated. This is the music of "real" Hawaii...and it is also the music of an "imagined" Hawaii/South Seas paradise. It's a salute to a time past..the time of the vinyl record and the rather large amount of material that was recorded in or inspired by Hawaii & Polynesia. So, put the needle on the record, and spin a pupu platter of tropic musical delights.