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We're bright and easy during the day, a little jazzy in the evening and beautiful and relaxing at night and throughout each day, we present interesting and inspiring thoughts to make each day a Great Day!

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I'm a retired Broadcaster with over 40 years in radio station management and on-air work. My very first job was "the midnight shift" at a radio station that played soft, easy, nightime music. About 2 a.m., the phones would start to ring with requests. Then the person on the other end would begin to talk. It was then I realized that nighttime can be lonely, worrisome and even frightening for some. That was 1964 and while much has changed, people still wrestle with demons, shadowy images of the day past and the all-to-real fact of lonliness. Nightwatch will shine a little light into that darkness, bring a little humor to those long overnight hours and encouragement for the day ahead. We draw on all the great thinker from Christ to Buddah to Emerson to today's positive writers. Give us a listen, any time, we'll always be doing the same thing all day, everyday, because around our global village, it's always nighttime somewhere.

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263West presents easy, relaxing music and positive up-lifting thoughts. Our music is bright and upbeat during the day, a little jazzy in the evening and soft and soothing over night. Every song has a melody and our music brings you the best easy listening hits from yesterday and today. We also pass along thoughts for better, happier living from time to time. Give us a try and then drop us a line aat 263west@shentel.net. We'd love to hear from you!