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Meditative, timeless tunes and Celtic inspired healing music, and some old favorite classic tunes too

About Morgana

I'm an inspired composer and musician of meditative, healing music of Celtic and Classically trained origins. Having grown up surrounded by old castles and nature, and being musical, inspired my deep love of Celtic and folk music. My background included a musical, folksinger mother and also an understanding of healing and you might say: 'the Old Ways'. Spiritually minded from an early age, I tuned in easily to the voices of nature and her creatures. Songs and melody came easily to me as a way of expressing the beauty I saw all around me. My first Album 'Celtic Angels' was released when I was 26 and many more followed after that...all originating on solo piano, then gradually I began adding Synth, flute, Celtic harp and vocals. I've been teaching piano and performing now for over 15 years, and am as prolific as ever! I am inspired now to bring to listeners my own brand of healing music, as well as many favorites that I enjoy every day to meditate and practice healing with. I am currently studying alternative healing and hypnotic regression therapy. I continue to explore the inner landscape and am particularly fascinated by the British Isles and Her ancient mysteries...a mysterious country indeed!