halloween music online from The Haunted Mansion! on Live365 Internet Radio
NOTHING but sounds and music from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion! Official & RARE tracks! Come socialize with the Ghost Host and the Grim Grinning Ghosts! Spooky fun for EVERYONE! ***CHANGES OCT. 2008! - SEE BELOW & BROADCASTER PROFILE FOR INFO!!***
DJ: krokodyle
Location: Land Of Wind & Ghosts, Yukon, Ascension Island

Created: Aug 20, 01
Updated: Oct 9, 13

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Broadcaster Comments
"Welcome...to The Haunted Mansion!" Do you like the like The Haunted Mansion? Or, like me, do you LOVE IT? Well, now you can listen to sounds and music from my favorite park ride of all. It's a humble tribute to X. Atencio, Paul Frees, and ALL the talented people involved with The Haunted Mansion. You'll hear Official releases, rare and hard-to-find tracks, and some excellent fan-made reconstructions of some Haunted Mansion music loops and isolated sound effects. Turn down the lights and come have a listen! Can't make it to Disneyland this year? Tune in! Why wait for Halloween? It's my favorite ride everyday! ***CELEBRATING *TWELVE* BROADCAST YEARS!***--Comments and suggestions to: nailbunny3000 at yahoo dot com (a real email is preferred over 'Shout Outs')

UPDATE 3/2008: Sorry everyone, but the Haunted Mansion will shut its doors in October 2008. Live365 has been FORCED by SOUNDEXCHANGE to reduce their simultaneous listener policy SO DRAMATICALLY, as well as increase their rates, that it's not worth the money I pay any longer. It's been a great 7 years, but this ride is closing. Expect many, many stations to do the same. SoundExchange is killing internet radio! Happy Haunts to all!

UPDATE 10/2008: Over the past 6 months, I have heard from people all over the world expressing their dismay at the station going off the air, so I have decided to bite the bullet and extend the Haunted Mansion station for one more year. However, due to the extreme limitations that Live365 has implemented on simultaneous Standard (free) Listeners, you’ll really only be able to hear the station if you are a paid Live365 VIP Member. For years, I was allowed (and I paid for) up to 100 Standard Listeners listening to the station at the same time, but now I am allowed ONLY 15! You will have to become a paid Live365 VIP Member to ensure you can hear the station, as I am allowed unlimited simultaneous VIP listeners. If you are a Standard Listener, you may or may not be able to hear the station, depending on whether or not any other Standard Listeners are connected. But again, I am only allowed 15 at a time now. It breaks my heart to have to do this, but that’s the only way the station can go on. So essentially, the doors are closing for anyone who isn't a Live VIP Member. I truly thank everyone for their support over the years, and here's hoping for better times for internet radio. ---Krok---
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