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Extraterrestrial History of Earth Produced by Brilliant Evening Star

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We are based out of Jasper, Arkansas, hoping to bring the good word of the truth about the history of Earth to whoever is seeking it. We bring the message of the Urantia Book to a wider audience on a mission to bring enlightment to those who seek new knowledge and fulfillment for those that are missing something in their life. Come here the good news about where we really came from, and about What's Really Happening!

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Recorded history is filled with sightings of flying craft that appeared to be "out of this world." Yet, until 1955, there was no recorded message of what these aliens had to say to us humans. It was then that the Urantia Book was published, the only document in history that claimed to be authored by extraterrestrials and their superhuman offspring. These aliens went so far as to say that they actually represented god in this effort to inform humanity concerning the actual eyewitness account of our spiritual and physical history, as well as the origin and destiny of humankind. The message claims to be the fifth of five Epochal Revelations to the planet Earth which were approved by the Trininty Government of All Things, including the Dalamatia Teachings, the Adam and Eve mission, Melchizedek of Salem, and JEsus of Nazareth. It is upon this backdrop that this radio station will star. It will be totally devoted to revealing the truths of the Urantia (or Earth) Book and how they can be applied to living on this quarantined and rebellion-stricken world of the cross on the fringes of outer space. We reconnect to this planet the Universe Boradcast System (KUBS) with our first show, "What's Really Happening," with Joseph, the Professor of Truth, and his co-host, Todd. After listening to the show, you may want to obtain your own copy of this extraordinary alien message authored by extraterrestrials. If you would like to acquire a leather-bound copy of the 2,000 - plus page Urantia Book, please e-mail angelinechristopher@usa.com ; the price is $44.95 USD, including shipping.