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sounds eclectic. A playlist with more genres than you could shake a stick at. Though why you'd shake a stick at a playlist, we don't know.

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An online radio station with alternative sounds. The Soft Spot offers 90 minutes of softer music, I Like Loud brings you the noisier tracks and Bounce has its fair share of beats. Listen to last week's 30 most popular tracks in Best of Radio Kurtodrome or enjoy the hand-picked selection called Select. Our playlist contains nearly all the songs from the several shows, but they're streamed at random. Unless it's Saturday or Sunday, when The Weekender has an alternative playlist of no less than four hours. And if you can't wait to hear which tracks have been added to the playlist, then check out The Newbies. Of course we could give you some bands you may hear on Radio Kurtodrome, but we might as well show last week's top 10 as a good indicator. So here it is...

Best of Radio Kurtodrome (week ending 12 Oct):
1 WORM IS GREEN – Love will tear us apart
2 ASTARI NITE – I.O. 1987
3 X-RAY SPEX – Warrior in Woolworths
4 PINS – Stay true
5 THE COATHANGERS – Merry go round
6 TEEN – Rose 4U
7 HONEYBLOOD – No spare key
8 LIARS – Pro anti anti
9 THE RAVEONETTES – Wake me up
10 JOHN GRANT – It doesn't matter to him
Full Top 30 here: Tumblr page