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Sit back, relax and let the session begin with Lady DJ Sparx... (Maxwell, Marvin Gaye, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Prince, Toni Tony Tone...)

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My mother and father were both music junkies. My mother was a go-go dancer and a singer when she was in her early 20s and my father was voted best dancer in high school. While in my mother's womb, I think I became addicted to the sound of music. Ever since then musical settings have often been where I've seen the magical transformation of people, both individually and collectively! This is what inspires me to DJ, the endless possibilities for transformation.



I strongly believe it's not what you do, but how you do it! I am a DJ for two reasons:
1) I love music. I am not a turntablist, I can't scratch like Q-Bert! BUT I know what moves a crowd. I know what can make people happy and that to me is the greatest honor and privilege.
2) I love what music can do. Music has been a tool for me all throughout my life. My life's work and spreading my message: "We're all equal. There is nothing like looking over a dance floor and watching people who are completely different yet in this moment blissfully united and spreading positivity. Music has the power to alleviate the way in which we fell and bring us together."


I was exposed to music/shows/performances/concerts/etc since I was a young child. I've met interesting people (famous and not) and I got to share my love of music.


I grew up listening to many different forms of music that all influence me today and in time my musical tastes just kept expanding. Basically, that's the story. Music has always been a huge part of my life and I know that it will continue to inspire me, move me and hopefully move those around me!
- Thank you DJ Cutso (my first DJ mentor/Fingerbangerz), Textbook - a musical producer GENIUS and my boo, I love you so much! Alma Bailon - can this girl GROOVE or what!, DJ Goldenchyld (Fingerbangerz), Special K (my first female DJ influence in my life), DJ Fuse1, DJ Verz (SideWok Radio), DJ Dynamix (3-Style Attractions), DJ Wishboogie (O.G. Jedi Clan), my boys Jedi Clan (now known as Mindtricks) - you boys can still ROCK the floor - for your musical influences.


Big respect goes out to all female DJs of color and especially those who paved the way!

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Thank you to all my loyal listeners from around the world for tuning in and for all your heart warming comments!
Over 15 years of broadcasting and still going strong!

"I just want to say how happy I am to be able to listen to your radio again. My favorite way of spending time on weekend is to start my day listening to your radio station!. I am 32 years old Japanese woman lived in America for 7 years in the psat as a student. I am truely a great fan of R&B especially a type of music you choose to play. Anyhow, I just want to say thank you for playing your radio again. It is making such a big difference." - K. Edwards from Japan

"I'm new to this site and dig it. I'm obviously not a woman but most definitely appreciate the groove. Thanks again! - James

"I have a very special romantic birthday surprise for my husband on Friday Feb 16, I have been listening to your station for a few days now and love it. I would like to have the station playing during our love session (sorry for the bluntness). I just need romantic sensual music on and to be honest this is the first station I find that plays this ty pe of music. GOOD JOB!"-Maria A.

"Hi! This is your long lost cousin Larry from Korea! Hey, I didn't realize it before but after looking at your Facebook stuff, I have been listening to your internet radio station on Live365 for the longest, not knowing that DJ Sparx is my cousin! What a coincidence!" - L.C., Korea

"I love your station on live365. I have been a loyal listener for months. I turn "Just for the Ladies" up loud enough on my computer so that everyone can hear it. Thanks to your station, I have been on time to work for the past few weeks. I almost break my neck in traffic because it's ruins my day when you're station is full.I just keep trying throughout the day until enough people exit. Thank you for playing such good, easy listening music!! God bless you."-loyal listener

"I am feeling this station so much. I can put it on at work and just let it play all day long. It definitely helps me get through."-elalalexy

"I love this station. It keeps the workday groovin. Great job!"-K.Simmons

"This station is off the chain! It takes me back..."-Brian M.

"I just need to let you know that your station has literally prevented me from going crazy. I have been working on a project all week,listened to your station of course. Last night, my computer crashed and I lost all my work! My project is due on Monday. Today, i gathered myself, put on "Just for the Ladies" and went at it again. Every song that y'all play is what I need to hear right now. Keep hookin' it up and thank you!"-Lady Peralta

"Hello I just wanted to tell you it's my first time listening to this station & I'm hooked. It's truly amazing! I love the choice of songs you pick, they're perfect and so relaxing! Keep doing your thing!!"-Cherry M.