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Over 80hours of soothing and melodic piano selections for working, studying or just relaxing.

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Aloha! I'm Bob Engelbardt and I thank you for selecting Smooth Piano & Keyboard. Back in the 50s, I had some professional radio broadcasting experience and ended up as an electrical engineer in telecommunications while working for the local telephone company in Hawaii where we've lived for over 50 years. I'm now 81 years old and retired from full-time work but, occasionally, I do some computer repair and consulting. Smooth Piano & Keyboard is one of the founding stations on Live365 and I may be one of the oldest, if not THE oldest, DJ here. Almost all of the music is contributed by artists, composers and promotors who want air play for their CD albums. I try to select music that is pure solo piano or with a minimum of accompaniment. Let me know if you enjoy listening to the station and any suggestions for additional music. My email address is

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"Smooth Piano & Keyboard" is a selection of piano songs, most of them composed by the performing artists. The playlist is designed as background music for working, studying, relaxation and other activities. New songs are periodically added and the play order is changed. There are now over 1400 selections and over 80 hours of music on the playlist.