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This is my last playlist folks! After 7 years it's time for me to close down and focus on other things. I had a great time and I made some great friends with listeners and musicians from the bands that I played. Thanks for tuning in and take care. Cheers

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Hi there, fellow rockers. My name is Lasse. 48 and still rocking. I'm workin' as a truckdriver and have a little daughter, so I don't really have much spare time on my hands. But when I get my station going I will provide you with some excelent tracks from the 70s that most people never heard before. Lots of bands made one or two records that did not sell many copies (but were great) so the record company dropped them. I discoverd lots of these bands as a teenager, when I was browsing the second-hand stores here in Stockholm (Sweden). Now these gems are being reissued by many small labels and it's time people get to hear them again. I hope you like these tracks as much as I do. Enjoy. Lasse2112.

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PhotobucketORDER HERE! Have you heard Leaf Hound before? Or Diamond Reo? I got some good 70s hard rock that you may have missed before. Bands like: Three Man Army, Goddo, Ursa Major, Tear Gas, Yesterday & Today, Blackwater Park, Hackensack, Charlee, Frost, Jericho, Target, Curly Curve and many other (more or less) unknown bands from the 70s. This is the place to discover or rediscover some of the gems that's been lost for many years. Some tracks has never been reissued on CD before, but here you can listen to them! And there will be a track or two by my favorite band Rush. I UPLOAD A NEW 7hr PLAYLIST EVERY SUNDAY. For updates about the new playlist, check out: or LASSE2112 at Myspace Enjoy! Lasse2112. free counters