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Playing Pikes Peak Area music - we acquire more and more music everyday., tune in often..
DJ: localfmradio

Created: May 30, 12
Updated: Apr 16, 14

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Broadcaster Comments
Current Rotation Library - A Paragraph as of July 24 2012: animus invidious, melting temple, dear rabbit, the flumps, we are not a glum lot, briffaut, mobdividual, conjugal visits, the mostly don'ts, against tomorrows sky (2001), bleachedblonde (2012), the changing colors, dented (1999), the doubtful sound, the ghost of michael clark, the great redneck hope (2003), the hopeful heroines, idiolectic conception (2001), joe kuzma (2003-06), kali spear (2012), lexor the explorer (2002), matterhorn (2012), six generals (2011), wild hares, the auto-no (1993-97), abracastabya (2008), A Bad Night For a Hero, Ben Knighten, Ben Pratt, Bermuduh, Betting on the Muse (2003), Boatships, Boys Who Like Audry (2001), Daniel James Eaton, Burn the Maps, Charlie Brown and the Great Gospel, Colonial Excess (2004), Constellation of Cars (2011), the Crow Flies (2008), Dave Cantrel (2010), Egg Leggs (2011), Fag Team (2004), Foster, Four-Track Fuckers (2001), The Funeral and the Twilight (2007), Ghost of York, Grant Sabin, The Great Hotel Fire, headhum, Hillary Hand, The Jack Trades (2008), Jeremy Facknitz (2008), Joe Johnson, Laymen Terms (2004), Lazurus Blehm, Lazy Spacemen (2004), Leah Samuels, a novel form (2003), Pretty Pleasers (2007), Rick Stahl, Sarah Hope, Charioteer, Arach Attack, BiosLumen, Blighter, Chris Davis, Cliff Letters, Cloud Carrier, Cobra Kai (2009), the Deadites (1999), EGOed, Eyes Caught Fire (2005), Fidel Redstar, freedom, Harrison Bergeron (2005), the Hayman Fire (2008), Hot Finks (2006), illadope, In Death We Rise (2005), JB, Kastigation (2011), Dreadnought, The Kissing Disease (2008), kove one, little marie, Makakai, Nicotine Fits (2005), NoFrequency, Phil Ginsberg, The Prague Spring (2004), Pretty Pleasers (2007), priest and strings, Rainbow Assmaster, The Right Aways (2004), soapstonepcastt, the Spy, Stab Crew (2006), Sworn Enemys, Tall City, Tape Deck, They Murdered Miracles (2006), Tides, Timmy Vilgiate, Tunguska Event, Vimana Aircraft, 21/3, Bullhead*Ded Collective, Chauncy Crandall, The Corporate Ninjas, Dance Panda Dance, Drowning Dolphins, Earsiq, Edith Makes a Paper Chain, El Toro De La Muerte, enemyswim, The Heart-Less, Hit or Myst, John Will, Lingua Franca, Mobile Air, Often Coiled, The Sacco & Vanzetti, Space Mutant, StoneyBertz, Tread Softly Eden, Dap Station, Myth of Modern Medicine, Josh Kennard, Rich Currier, Dance over anaheim, i.Malibu, Idiosyncratic Routine (2006), Jeb Burgess and the Jive, Leftmore, onionknightradio, Piss Jar, Profit, Motive, Sanguine Addiction, Single Triple Double, Sinister Creed, Spencer Yoneoka, The Stargasms, Vimana Aircraft, mitgaurds, knight in colors (active), the poetic minds, another shade of hate, Last Savior of God, Black Mask, Tony Exum Jr, The Haunted Windchimes, Joe Johnson, Mango Fan Django, Raku, Charlie Milo Trio, Moonhoney, wolfe., American Mourning, The J.Miller Band, Audible, The Classical, drug flowers, Grant Sabin, Aaronn, onionknightradio, inaiah lujan, Eyes Closed Audio, Dreamghost, Brain Damaged Geeks, Bleached in Black, Hydrogen Skyline, Flies with Buffalos, real diamonds, Colin Foxwell, know:juander, midcity break out, Murder Hat, Scarlet Canary, The Epic Weatherman, Reverie and Restraints, Hemingway Mile, Billy G overton, Cloud Carrier, Creep Status, Circles and Squares, Greno, Eyes, Water Bear, Channel 27, bad maps, MTM, swelter and burn, roma ransom, milogic, sound:studies, sleeping thieves, jet set gypsies, ashen embers, the magenta incident, why they fight, Lyrik, Carley Starr, Mike Clark and the Sugar Sounds, autumn creatures, itis, miettemusic, heart/soul, iggy iggloo, Squeaky & the Futures, Field Of Mars, Skinny Mulligans EXP, minderaser, Eric Shaggy Cullen, Vinnie G., Anthony Davis, Exacta Box, Greno, Lemon-Limes, Fuck On, Davy Jones Locker, Acetone, Psychedelicatesin, A Squared Ron/Junebug
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