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After a couple of million miles, I owe a little something to the Drivers who have been my steady friends and constant companions. I am dedicated to keeping trucking music alive. These are our stories in words and music. The road. The life. The music.

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Allow yourself for a moment, just a moment, to believe that we have lived lives before. When you pull in the truckstop look around. Can you see them? The cowboys and drovers and wranglers are easy enough to pick out. Dodge City, or for that matter every time I run the Chisholm Trail, just makes me tired. Bone tired. But there is more. Can you see them? The longriders from across all of time. The Cossacks... the Huns... the Mongol horde... All kinds of of cavalrymen. Even a few pikers who cannot give up the journey. Can you see the officers? Imagine the sabres at their side. And we are not only the past and present. We are the future. In very few generations, it will be longriders like us who haul freight to the stars. For all of us, across all of time, the words of Weldon Henson ring true. "The road is not a friendly place, but it is a friend of mine."