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Romantic, Love Songs and Orchestral music for the right moment. Love tunes from the big band era, the guileless 50s, peaceful 60s, disco 70s, new wave 80s, rocking 90's thru today. Love and Romance 24/7. Lush orchestral suites.

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Tom Hoey began his career in the Entertainment busines with a bit role in a community production of "My Fair Lady". Many roles and many theatres later he gave up acting for Directing and Producing shows. Regional Theater, Summer Stock and Community productions were designed and executed by him including Musicals, Drama and Comedies. After 20 years performing in front of audiences of 2 to 20,000 he decided that he wasn't going to get rich this way (or any way for that matter) and that he needed to move on. By chance he entered the Nightclub Business and had the first "Disco" on Miami Beach in 1975. After managing for a few years he felt that the only way to hear the music that he wanted to hear was to take the DJ spotlight and that began an all new career that took up approximately 20 years of his time. The Carnival Concessions and Ride business was his passion from 1993 to 2000 and he gave it his all including the first Carnival oriented web pages on the Internet in 1994. Primary web sites included The Carnival Web Magazine (1995), Showmen (1997) CarnivalBiz (1999) and ShowmenUSA (2003) and now, the newest information and sharing site. Carny World and Carny Town ( in 2006. Since retiring from the Nightclub business in 2004 he has persued interests in net radio stations, nightclub marketing and web developement. Over the years his friends and acquaintances included show owners, theatrical and musical celebrities, nightclub owners and a few gamblers. Tom loves the Broadway theater and it's Musicals and he loves to entertain. That love is reflected in the programming on Platinum Broadway, Love Songs, 80s Retro and Disco 70s Radio Stations.

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Love songs span all generations. The saying goes that there are two things you can count on; Death and Taxes. Perhaps, but I would expand it to four things; Death, Taxes, Love/Romance and War. And some of our most beautiful melodies have been written for and about our soldiers and our wars. Our human emotions and needs are all tied together but they need one vital ingredient; music. Here on Love Songs are the melodies that spanned generations of Americans. If you like Love Songs you will Love, Love Songs!