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Finest and most international Metal, Progressive, Fusion, and Rock on the net! . Malmsteen, Macalpine, Hughes, In Flames, Scorpions, Satriani, Tangerine Dream, Moore, Nightwish, HIM, Sirenia, Parsons, and many more!

About Lucio Gayosso (DJ PLEX)

Hola! Hello! Salut! Ciao! Hallo!

I'm a Mexican/American Engineer who loves music, science, literature, languages, and sports. One other passion I have is traveling and getting to know cultures and people through their musical expressions. I have found music to be a true universal language that opposed to spoken or written forms, is not so often victim of misinterpretations.

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A World United Through Rock!!!

Melody, Harmony, and Power in Rock music

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome! 欢迎! Bienvenus! добро пожаловать! Willkommen! 歡迎! Dobrodoslica! Benvenutos! υποδοχή! Welkom! 환영! Boa vinda! 歓迎 ! Manden sus cartas y comentarios a l_gayosso@hotmail.com o en esta pagina. Send your letters or comments to l_gayosso@hotmail.com or on this page. Verzend ons uw brieven en commentaren naar l_gayosso@hotmail.com of op deze pagina. Verzend ons uw brieven en commentaren naar l_gayosso@hotmail.com of op deze pagina. Envoyez-nous vos lettres et commentaires à l_gayosso@hotmail.com ou sur cette page. Schicken Sie uns Ihre Briefe und Anmerkungen zu l_gayosso@hotmail.com oder zu dieser Seite. Μας στείλετε τις επιστολές και τα σχόλιά σας σε l_gayosso@hotmail.com ή αυτήν την σελίδα. Inviici le vostre lettere ed osservazioni a l_gayosso@hotmail.com o questi pagine. に私達にこのページのあなたの手紙そしてコメントをl_gayosso@hotmail.comのまたは送りなさい. 저희에게 이 페이지에에 대하여 당신의 편지 그리고 코멘트를 l_gayosso@hotmail.com의 또는 보내십시오. Пошлите нами ваши письма и комментарии до l_gayosso@hotmail.com или на этих страниц. Emita-nos seus carta e comentários em l_gayosso@hotmail.com ou esta página.

'ON AIR' uninterrupted since 2002! We have the experience to create your best listening experience.



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No bubblegum pop, no uncontrolled screaming, no corporate-driven charts/playlists just the highest quality melodic and sofisticated rock music. This transmission enhances the listening horizons of the listener with diverse interests through a repertoire of songs with a great melodic base and international artists talented in diverse styles in a structure centered upon Progressive and Metal.

We present multiple styles but you will find predominantly non-pop Rock such as Progressive, Metal, Fusion, Symphonic, Gothic, and Electronic in our diverse shows.

Tune in, stay with us, and let your mind fly...

"Al Aire" ininterrumpidamente desde el 2002! Nada de meloso ni gritos descontrolados, nada de programaciones basadas exclusivamente en listas definidas por unas cuantas corporaciones, solo el rock melodico y sofisticado elaborado con la mas alta calidad. Esta transmision expande los horizontes musicales del radioescucha con multiples intereses mediante un repertorio de gran base melodica y bandas internacionales talentosas en diversos generos partiendo de una estructura centrada en el Progresivo y Metal

Presentamos numerosos generos no-pop de rock Progresivo, Heavy, Fusion, Sinfonico, Gotico, Electronico y muchos mas!

Adelante, disfruta nuestra programacion y deja tu mente volar...