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On Tap: the best in Irish rock and traditional tunes, plus the great bands of America, for your March celebrations

About Mother Templeton

I run a respectable house here boys! No loose women after midnight, baths every Saturday, and keep your boots off the front parlor furniture. And I'll serve up good, honest, hard-working American pub music and the pure-drop traditional tunes from Ireland to keep you all honest.

And I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know any other music I should be playing. Any Chicago bar-band out there needing a Mother's love? Someone in Seattle has a Celtic concept album they've put together? And how about you Living History types in Texas -- there's always room for another version "Black is the Color." Mother really liked that one from Marc Gunn about the cat, for instance.

At any rate: send in the suggestions. You have my word that if it is Irish, if it is loud, if it is not interfering with Mother's beer budget...I just might get it on the air.

So answer Mother when she's asking: What band, ballad, or bartune SHOULD I be playin'? Let me hear about it. Are your IN a band I should be playin'? Get me an MP3. I'm real fond of unknown, unsigned, unpaid musicians.

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Out in the West from The Indulgers of Dublin, Ireland and Boulder, Colorado.


Sunday - The Sunday Session with pure, traditional tunes and songs performed by the best.

Monday - New Music and the top forty Listener Favorites.

Folkin' Friday - A psychedelic celtic folk rock free for all -- even the dreaded mandolin solo from Spinal Tap's Stonehenge! -- this is an eight hour aural exploration of the best of the plugged-in folkie sound of the late sixties that fused traditional instruments, tunes, and rhythms with sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. Not surprisingly, Horslips is featured prominently.

Saturday - Dublin Calling with hard, dancing music for Saturday night. Vintage and new punk and pop from Ireland and beyond.

And on tap in between - a thirty hour playlist with new songs added all the time.