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San Francisco urban folk singer/songwriter and community

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Long time Bay Area performer and supporter of local music and musicians. (1978 - present)From the long gone Sleeping Lady Cafe in Fairfax to The now extinct Owl and Monkey Cafe in SF to the present Bazaar Cafe in SF, he has performed and been a member of many music circles. Performing everywhere from cafe's to major clubs; The Sweetwater, New George's, The Bottom of the Hill, Last Day Saloon, Starry Plough... Helping several scenes get going, he has always encouraged others to compose and gig. He is one of the most thanked persons on many CDs in the SF music scenes. A guitarist both electric and acoustic and singer songwriter with over 700 original compositions, he restlessly changes styles and is learning all the time. His styles range from folk to jazz to blues to rock to punk to ska to country... with lyrics being love songs, sarcastic social commentary, political, comedy, personal struggle and growth. He regularly performs solo and with the humorous group Mariospeedwagon.

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