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Music for shifting and transforming consciousness, with frequencies to align the human energy system to the energetic grid of the earth, light codes streamed from angelic and devic realms, and vibrational matrices gifted from ascended masters star elders.
DJ: mark torgeson
Location: Fredericksburg, VA

Created: Jan 28, 08
Updated: Apr 15, 14

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Broadcaster Comments
Mark's Live365 description Planetary Awakening features the music of Mark Torgeson.

Mark is a music alchemist, creating music and soundscapes with the intention of shifting and transforming consciousness. 

He works with frequencies which align the human energy system to the swiftly changing energetic grid of the earth, so that the new energies can be easily integrated.  He introduces light codes streamed from angelic and devic realms, as well as vibrational matrices gifted from ascended masters star elders. 

He has been a featured artist at new paradigm conferences; has cofacilitated numerous consciousness raising seminars and retreats cross country; has created and taught courses on sound healing; has composed over 50 albums of music for shifting consciousness and transformation; and cofounded, with his wife Carol Fitzpatrick, the Center for Planetary Awakening for demonstrating experiential methods of vibrational transformation and remaining in the heart. 

A multi-intstrumentalist, Mark performs on piano, synthesizer, native flutes, hand drums and stringed instruments.

The music on this site is intended for healing and transformation, and as a musical history of mankind's sojourn through the earth plane. It traces our stellar heritage and explores the relationship between nature and the cosmos. During this time of massive planetary shifting, this music may be used for assisting with energetic changes in the body and psyche. Music of Mark Torgeson. Downloads and info may be found at

The music provides the energetics that prepares us for upcoming global shifts in consciousness, a form of soul activation through the specific vibrations that comes through the musical topic. Music can both hasten the process of accelerated evolution, and gently shift one's energy body to process and assimilate those changes.

Music is knowledge. It brings to us the multidimensional blueprints of consciousness beyond our present mental constructs, and delivers a paradigm of being, feeling and action far beyond our ideas of who we are and of what we are capable. It provides nourishment for the new operatiing system of the evolving body we are creating which will more adequately utilize the heightened energies of the planet. It provides a platform from which our awareness and vibratory patterning may launch into new and expanded states. And it can help heal the emotional and physical body of traumas via vibrational frequencies that bypass our present concepts of therapy.

Visit Mark's YouTube channel for videos, and Mark's site for more music and upcoming concerts:

Mark at keyboard in field of flowers

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