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Music for shifting and transforming consciousness, with frequencies to align the human energy system to the energetic grid of the earth, light codes streamed from angelic and devic realms, and vibrational matrices gifted from ascended masters star elders.

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Live365 Broadcaster description Mark Torgeson is the pianist and composer of Music for Planetary Awakening. During the accelerated shifts of consciousness occurring between 1998 and the NOW moment, he has recorded a body of work on the piano and synthesizer that captures the vibrational essence and encodings of these times - which is now presented here on this site. This music is best used for sound healing, energy work, meditation, gaining clarity in life purpose, assimilating changes within one's energy matrix, and finding balance and harmony with the new earth matrix.

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Planetary Awakening Playlist Albums played on Planetary Awakening:

Between Mountains and Stars

Sundance in Moonlight


November Sessions:
I. Garden of Reflection
II. Pilgrimmage
III. Arrival

Songs for the New Millennium I & II

Neptune Rising

One Family II & III

Stellar Luminae

Circles Of Light:
Circle of Light I, II, III & IV

27 Topics for Global Shifting:
1. Peace - Joy - Balance and Harmony
2. Freedom - Compassion - Love
3. Truth - Chaos - The Quickening
4. Magic - Honor -Wonderment
5. Transformation - New World Consciousness - Grand Awakening
6. Self Mastery - Intergalactic Council of Twelve - Solidarity
7. Clarity - Allowance - The Rapture
8. Trust and Honor - Critical Mass - Reflection
9. Desire - Transcendence - Grace

Peace - East meets West
Travels to the Crystal Temple


Integration I & II


Music for Piano and Flute - with Laura Jackson

Living the Miracle series
LtM May 2009 - Renunion
LtM June 2009
LtM July 2009
LtM September 2009
LtM December 2009
LtM January 2010 - Gamelan
LtM February 2010 - Unconditional Love Albums 1 & 2
LtM May 2010 - Metaphysical Excursions
LtM July 2010

Shorter Works and Individual Tracks:

CloudBurst Sessions

Concert for Inner Transformation excerpts
Intimations of Jazz for Piano and Djembe

Labyrinth Concert excerpt


Devotion - for Voice and Piano

Opening to Light - Intro to the Global Light Festival

Meridian Dances I & II

Music for Shifting Concert excerpts

Aligning with Higher Purpose - Global Light Centers
Southwest - Global Light Centers

Trascendental Journeys I, II, III, IV
Convergence of Lightworkers I - VII

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Planetary Awakening features the music of Mark Torgeson.

Mark is a music alchemist, creating music and soundscapes with the intention of shifting and transforming consciousness.

He works with frequencies which align the human energy system to the swiftly changing energetic grid of the earth, so that the new energies can be easily integrated. He introduces light codes streamed from angelic and devic realms, as well as vibrational matrices gifted from ascended masters star elders.

Visit Mark's YouTube channel for videos, and Mark's site for more music and upcoming concerts: