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Songs of the American Cowboy. The beauty, tradition, humor and romance of the West. Release your Inner Cowboy!

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Welcome from the McCormicks. Check out our new website -- Cowboy music sort of seeps through your skin. You may not think of yourself of yourself as a cowboy, but down in there -- especially if you’re from the American West -- a cowboy lurks. My grandfather was a rancher in Montana. His brand was the "Quarter Bar VZ." My mother fled from the ranching life as soon as she could to a world of books. But between the Bach, Mozart, Chopin and show tunes, we absorbed square dance music and rodeos (the Emerald Empire Round Up in Eugene, Oregon). We knew, and you know, these Saddle Songs like the name of your first grade school. A little more than a year ago, Margaret, one my sisters, mentioned she loved cowboy poetry and cowboy music. Well, devil be damned, I did too. And so did my wife Linda. We decided to start SaddleSongs. I mentioned the project to John, one of my brothers, who has spent his career corralling computer code rather than cattle. "That right?" says he. "Would you like to borrow my collection?" Heck, without mentioning it to his sibs, over the years he had assembled some 75 albums of cowboy music. John, Margaret, Linda and I share these songs with you. Release Your Inner Cowboy... Matt McCormick P.S. Please send us your suggestions for songs to add to the library. We particularly want to hear about cowboy tunes done by folk you would not expect -- like Ry Cooder doing "Billy the Kid" or John Renbourn doing “Buffalo Skinners.”

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Release your inner cowboy! Songs of the American West. Don Edward, Michael Martin Murphey, Sons of the Pioneers, Sons of the San Joaquin and many more.