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Mboka fm plays African Soukous,Gospel,Benga, Makossa,Rumba,Pachanga,Raggae,Jive,Calypso,Bongo flava,Simanjemanje.Join us and treat yourself to quality music from the continent of Africa. We have every thing in our inexhaustable archives. Happy listenning.

About Julee Mwanamboka

Born in rural Kenya, music was my first love - and we are still together! When it comes to music, I have my biases - just like any other man before or and after. And these are my biases, 'JULEE MWANAMBOKA NGAI NABOI BAZELE MABE!' I grew up listenning to heavy weight guitor wizards such as Francois Luambo Lwanzo Makiadi et son Tout Pouissant Orchestre de Kinois jazz. I would how ever like to salute the following artist for carving my impecable taste; Le grande Mopao Antoine Koffi Olomide of Quartier Latin, King Kester Emeneya of Victoria Eleyson, JB Mpiana and Werrason Ngiama of Wenge Musica. I would also like to thank Le seigneur Pascal Tabu Ley aka Rochereau, for convincing me to post-pone my obituaries on Soukous. Le Seigneur told me that Soukous has just ressurected and will very soon swipe the world of music like desert storm! Seigneur could be right, but we wait to see... Finally, I would like to applaud the following artist, for their contributions to the world pool of good music; Boketshu Longombolo of Swede lokole, Nyoka Longo of Zaiko, Ochieng kabassele of luna kidi, Papa wemba of Viva La Musica, M'bilia Bel, Dany Engobo of Les Coeurs Brises, Mpongo Love, Bozi Boziana of L'Anti-Choc, Dindo Yogo aka the broken voice, Reddy Amisi, Ebenezer Obey, Nyboma Mwandindo, Pepe Ndombe Opetum, Huit Kilo Nseka, Ntesa Dalienst, Kabassele ya Mpanya aka Pepe kalle of Empire Bakuba, Dally kimoko, Tshala Muana, Abeti Masikini. Samba mapangala of virunga volcanoe, Bukaloze of Super Mazembe, Jean Makiese aka Madilu bialu System, Michelline Shabani, Lola Leonardo, Charles Mombaya, Luciana Demingongo and Ya Jose Ngwaka of nouvelle generation, Didier kinuani, Bopol Mansiamina,Lokassa Ya Mbongo, Awilo longoma, Jean Pedro Mayaula Mayoni, Bongo wende, Freddy Demajunga, Felix Wazekwa aka S Grave, Kool Matope, Rogatien Okombi aka Roga Roga, and Ngolali Ramatoulaye of Extra musica.

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