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70s, 80s,mid 90s, and very late 60s Songs that Bubbled Under the Hot 100 and made the Looking Ahead chart, Songs peaked between #19-100, one hit wonders, promo-only singles, songs deserving of a better chart fate

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My name is Carmen. I hail from Wilmington, Delaware. I am a fan of anime and manga. I love photography and taking photos of cosplayers. I grew up with 70s & 80s music during my high school and college years. The original concept for Island Of Lost Tunes was to feature all 80's one-hit wonders that peaked between #41-100. I decided to expand it further by adding all tunes that peaked between #19-100 and songs that Bubbled Under the Hot 100. I eventually added music from the 70's, songs from the mid 90's, and even very late 60's. I even went as far as feature songs that peaked below #25. I hope you enjoy Island Of Lost Tunes and relieve the songs that deserved a better chart fate, the songs you haven't heard in ages, and discover songs you never heard before.

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Island Of Lost Tunes - Songs of the 70's, 80's, and 90's that deserved a better chart fate! The songs that charted between #21-100! Songs that Bubbled Under the Hot 100!! Even singles that never charted! The kind of tunes that will make you want to say, "Wow!! I haven't heard this in a LONG time!!", or even, "These are great songs. Why didn't radio stations give them enough airplay?", or simply, "That song should have been a bigger hit!"