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Deep from the past comes a faint melody. The turntable spins more and more, slowly growing in strength and sound. Suddenly, the sounds of the past burst forth into new life. Welcome to your SECLUSION.

About twain

Direct from my personal stack of vinyl, you'll hear my encodes of 33's, 45's and 78's. Naturally, the focus will be on my favorite performers who released material during the popularity of the vinyl format. These performers include Lawrence Welk, Alice Lon, The Lennon Sisters, Vikki Carr, The Carpenters, Claudine Longet, Dinah Shore, Doris Day and other artists who have similar musical talents. Artists like Patti Page, Lynn Anderson, The McGuire Sisters, Peggy Lee, Glenn Miller, Peggy Lee, Benny Goodman, Connie Francis, Andy Williams, etc.

The main feature of the station, and what makes it so different from most others is that it heavily features the Lawrence Welk family of musicians. Of course, there is Mr. Welk himself and his wunnerful, wunnerful arrangements. Also featured are the LOVELY Lennon Sisters. The sisters, by age : Dee Dee, Peggy, Kathy, Janet and Mimi. As of this writing, I've got over 200 of their tunes ready for the playlist. In addition to the beautiful Lennons, other members of the Welk family that you'll hear include Guy & Ralna, Sandi & Salli, Norma Zimmer, Bob Ralston, Aladdin, Dick Dale, Clay Hart, Larry Hooper, the ever energetic Alice Lon, and many, many other artists who found their fame by being part of the Lawrence Welk family.

These songs don't come off CD releases. Almost entirely, they come from vinyl transfers I do myself from the 33 and 45 RPM releases. Much of the material you'll hear on this stream has never been released on CD, or MP3, or iTunes. If you are a Lawrence Welk fan, you will love this station. Just please know, I always do my best to get the transfers to sound a wunnerful as possible. But the fact remains that some of the vinyls you'll hear on this stream are over 70 years old. They'll sound their age.

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Currently featuring the music of The 101 Strings, The Ames Brothers, Andy Williams, Anita Bryant, Barbara Mandrell, Billy Vaughn, The Carpenters, Claudine Longet, Crystal Gayle, Dick Kesner, Frankie Carle, Herb Alpert, Hugo Winterhalter, Jeannie C. Riley, Julie London, Lawrenec Welk, The Lennon Sisters, Louise Mandrell, Olivia Newton-John, Tammy Wynette Vikki Carr & The Lawrence Welk Musical Family.

Direct from my personal stack of vinyl, you'll hear my encodes of 33's, 45's and 78's. Naturally, the focus will be on my favorite performers who released material during the popularity of the vinyl format. These performers include :

The Welk Musical Family!

Myron Floren, The Lennon Sisters, Bob Ralston, Norma Zimmer, Bobby Burgess, The Aldridge Sisters, Anacani, Lynn Anderson, Ron Anderson, Ava Barber, The Blenders, Barbara Boylan, Dick Dale, Larry Dean, Ken Delo, Arthur Duncan, Ralna Englisha, Tanya Falan, Gail Farrell, Joe Feeney, Sally Flynn, Sandi Griffiths, Clay Hart, Larry Hooper, Guy Hovis, Jack Imel, Cissy King, Alice Lon, Mary Lou Metzger, Tom Netherton, Natalie Nevins, Elaine Niverson, The Otwell Twins, Maurice Pearson, Jo Ann Castle, Curt Ramsey, Michael Redman, Jimmy Roberts, The Semonski Sisters, Steve Smith, Kathie Sullivan, Jim Turner, Jayne Walton Rosen, Andra Willis, George Cates, Buddy Merrill, Neil Levang, Johnny Klein, Paul Humphrey, Buddy Hayes, Buddy Clark, Richard Maloof, Frank Scott, Bob Smale, Jerry Burke, Bob Ralston, Big Tiny Little, Pete Fountain, Orie Amodeo, Bill Page, George Aubry, Jack Martin, Sam McCadden, Russ Klein, Jack Dumont, Don Bonnee, Mahlon Clark, Bob Davis, Dave Edwards, Skeets Herfurt, Peanuts Hucko, Henry Cuesta, Bob Lido, Dick Kesner, Billy Wright, Kurt Dieterle, Jimmy Getzhoff, Harry Hyams, Mischa Russell, Ambrose Russo, Joe Livoti, Bobby Bruce, Aladdin Pallante, Stanley Harris, David Pratt, Charlotte Harris, Ernie Ehrhardt, Norman Bailey, Rocky Rockwell, Woody Guidry, Art Depew, George Thow, Warren Luening, Dick Cathcart, Charlie Parlato, Jim Porter, Rubin Zarchy, Ray Linn, Johnny Zell, Mickey McMahan, Laroon Holt, Barney Liddell, Pete Lofthouse, Jimmy Henderson, Kenny Trimble, Bob Havens, Don Staples.


I've created a blog to showcase my collection of Welk family albums. It's just an informative blog, for people looking to see what songs were released on what albums. NO MUSIC DOWNLOADS are, or ever will be offered there. It's simply a data resource for Lawrence Welk fans.

CLICK HERE for my Lawrence Welk blog.