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30 plus years of alternative music's multi-subgenres including various electronic & dance music genres

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If you want to request a tune send it to email provided on my live 365's allocated broadcaster page, only in this way: subject line "A Promise" by Echo & The Bunnymen. djlevitation@mail.com

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Two types of programming: Week Day programming and weekend programming. A variety of Alternative music from 1977 to the '80s, '90s, plus this new century (aka contemporary alternative) alternative and 80's, '90's Indie music genres. Whatever you like/favor: new wave, (some have called new wave New Glam Rock) new romance rock, Jangle rock/pop, UK ska & USA ska, some Jamaican Reggae, Classic Jamaican Reggae, Contemporary Reggae, Dancehall, worldwide funk, house, new mod rock, various goth, hybrid goth/electronic, industrial dance, college underground, electronic, synth pop, trance, synth drum & bass, bpm, techno, grunge, punk, hybrid modern rock...adult alternative/classic alternative: it's all played here. Providing updated rotations every week. Full Circle Alternative Radio is a smorgasbord of the multi-genres of Alternative music throughout all the decades. Make sure you don't miss this following info as there is an email provided to put in song requests. I will only browse the title/subject line so YOU MUST put the title in quotation marks followed with the by whomever the Recording Artist happens to be . Only one song & the artist per email request. So here's a few examples "A Promise" by Echo & The Bunnymen or in another request email "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" by U2 or in another email request "Everything Turns Grey" by Agent Orange...and so on and so on. djlevitation@mail.com; Thank you very much. Have A Nice Day.