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My name is Dennis R Syracuse and I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. I was led by explicit visions from God, over almost a 2 year period, to start this radio station and finally it has become reality. I love God and love all Christian music especially Contemporary Christian Music, Christian Rock Music, and Bluegrass Gospel. I am a fan of Jars of Clay, Keith Green, Rich Mullins, Mandisa, Matthew West, Toby Mac, Matt Maher, and Mercy Me. Before becoming a Christian I enjoyed all styles of music including Rock, Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, and Show Tunes. As Christian music has evolved I have matured and found my musical desires are filled exclusively by Christian music. I find that this music keeps me focused in my walk with Jesus and I believe is one of the reasons God has lead me to bring KROAR to life for you, to keep you on the straight and narrow. We pray that many will come here looking for the unconditional love of Jesus Christ for the very first time and will discover what they have been searching for, for so many years. Many years ago in school at William Paterson College I worked at the college radio station WPSC as a DJ on a Sunday Night 3 hour show. As a college student I had the opportunity to work as a summer intern at radio station WSUS in Franklin, NJ as a DJ also with a Sunday morning show and as an engineer at the station during the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show remote broadcasts. As an Amateur Radio (Ham) operator, KA2AUR, since 1978 to the present I have learned much about radio communications. The tools I have been blessed with from my Past, Present, and Future are why I believe God has led me to create Lion of Judah Ministries Radio, KROAR. I look forward to serving God and you as KROAR moves forward. Enjoy and Share!!!

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After 3 weeks of prayer and seeking Gods face KROAR is now live. The link below will take you to the KROAR player. Please feel free to share it with your friends, family and neighbors. In a few days I will explain what has been happening over the last 3 weeks as well as what the revised timeline for Lion of Judah Ministries Radio, KROAR looks like. Please as Christians use KROAR to help you through your day, but more importantly share it with those in need. I am sensing Gods anointing on the sounds emanating from this online radio station. Keep in mind we are in test mode so if things dont seem to be running perfect, they will soon. I look forward to updating you all very soon. May Godbless.