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Music For The People Entertainment was created in the early 80's by founder and community activist Charles "Nat T. Prep" Douglas. A radio veteran from Southern California, he designed the program for a dual purpose; to give the listener "360 degrees of music and information", and to create an environment for young people to learn the functionality of radio. It was the only one of its kind in the SF Bay Area. It rapidly became the workshop for many young up and coming D.J.'s. Among them was Chris “C.J. Flash” Jourdan. While he was building his reputation as a "Party D.J." throughout the Bay Area, his love for music grew and his hunger for musical expression expanded. Nat T. Prep took him (and many others) under his wing, teaching them by giving them the freedom to be “hands on”. He also worked with local talent looking to have their material heard. Nat T. Prep’s "behind the scenes" efforts brought The Timex Social Club's (a group created at Berkeley High School) worldwide hit "Rumors" to fruition. He literally played the original 4 track version on the air a minimum of 4 times a show, prior to the record being released years later. The blueprint that was created 30 plus years ago is the foundation to what you are listening to. We are dedicated to bringing you the best musical experience on the planet. Our “Live” shows (i.e. The World Famous Rick & Russ Show w/C.J. Flash) are completely interactive via our chat room on We know you will enjoy it and look forward to interacting with you, The People!

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