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I set up this radio station as a gift to my wonderful wife Marna. She loved music and one of her biggest dreams was to be a DJ. Unfortunately, her cancer progressed faster than we thought and she was never able to do much with the station. So now I am turning it into a tribute to her. I have dug up some audio recordings of her to put in with the music, so don't be concerned that some of the audio seems random or makes no sense with the music. Music is a powerful thing. It comes in almost infinite variety. What works for one person, does nothing for others. And yet, everyone is affected by music in some way. It can make you happy, sad, angry, excited, melancholy, create memories of events that will come back every time that particular song is heard. Music can make you think, feel, dream, drive faster or slower, make people gather or look for a little alone time. It can work its way in to your body, take control and come out as some form of dance – whether beautiful to look upon or just downright peculiar. And when the music is in you it doesn't matter how it looks, it just feels right.