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About the Station

Great music isn't necessarily hit music. From the virtual unknowns to the biggest names in music, there is a wide selection of songs that never get their day in the sun; until now. Enjoy this eclectic mix of anti-hits and non chart toppers.

About Moby Disc

Once upon a time I had a radio show called Moby Disc. In the years since the demise of this show I have been craving a return to the airwaves on my own terms. Thus, Decades of Underground. The premise is the same: deep cuts by the most famous names in music from the days before their world domination. Add a healthy dose of lesser known geniuses to the mix and stir. In the 18 years I have spent performing in underground bands of my own, I have come across all sorts of musical treasures; it is now my pleasure to share them with you.