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About the Station

The Internet Radio Station for Great Orchestral Film Scores from Williams, Goldsmith, Horner, Zimmer, and all your favorites!

About moviemusicman

I have always enjoyed listening to classical scores from motion pictures. After watching Star Wars in 1977 when I was a kid, I bought the soundtrack on vinyl (remember that recording medium?!). I listened to the album so many times that I could instantly describe any scene in the film from a 5 second clip! Since then, I have collected many soundtracks and now feel very fortunate to be able to share them with you.

Check out my website, updated frequently...see currently playing and the last 10 played tracks...read bios of Cinemascape's composers!...see a complete playlist indexed by composer!!!

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I have assembled a large collection of different films from which I pull the tracks on the stream. I try to make the mix varied and eclectic: Science fantasy, comedy, drama, action/adventure, romance, etc. I feature today's most gifted composers like Williams, Horner, and Goldsmith, and Zimmer. I sprinkle this mix with notable composers from different eras such as Jarre, Herrman, Portman, and Knopfler. The common thread is that each piece speaks to me in a thoughful way; that is to say that each piece evokes a strong emotion in me, and that, I feel, is what art is all about.