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Go back in time to a great era of music Oldies but Goodies here on Mrmondaynight Radio.

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Hello my name is Andrew thanks so much for checking out my page! I'm a former radio DJ and it's great to be back on the air! I hope you all enjoy my station and feel free to drop a line sometime. I got started in the radio business back in the fall of 2001. I've always been a talker and growing up I wanted to be a weatherman. When I decided that involved alot of math and science it was porb better I find something else to do! I decided that radio is probably the thing for me. Although it took a push once I got to Westifled State University to pursue finally getting my name out there. I was introduced to a man named Erik and he was an avid Sports fan like myself. We were sitting around a dorm room with a bunch of friends and Erik & I thought about starting up our own radio show. We then went to a general interest meeting and decided what the heck give it a shot! The first time we started I was a little nervous not knowing how this would go but it was a hit right from the start! Then the Mrmondaynight & Storm show was born! A sports show along with music it took off and we became one of the most popular shows on campus. We had a blast doing this show for 3 years and then just recently started up again after 9 years apart! It was like a reunion and we picked up right where we left off. This is where it all began. I've worked for several radio stations in New England WRSI, WRNX, WSKB, WSRS & WMRC. All these stations provided me with a great experience and worked with some amazing people. I'm a huge fan of the 80's, sports and Classic rock. My station offers a mix of music that you normally don't here on the air. My job as a DJ is to bring that music back to the airwaves. I'm passionate about my music, but open to all sorts of genres. I'm also an avid runner & coach Cross Country & Track. I guess you can say I do a little bit of everything! . My family & friends are important to me and always support my goals and dreams. I apperciate your support of this station and please don't hesistate to contact me with any questions you have! Andrew

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