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Jambands mixed with classic rock, pop, and jazz. Where Phish meets Neil Diamond and Thelonious Monk!

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MTurro lives somewhere in NJ and works in NYC producing lifestyle magazines (think Cigars/Wine/Food). In his spare moments he tends to Bluepear Radio... an expression of his musical universe. You can keep up with Bluepear by visiting the site where he keeps a running blog with updates to his playlist and comments on new artists and events on the scene. Here's what's up @ the Bluepear Radio blog:
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mturroWelcome to Bluepear Radio
Perhaps one of the more interesting questions a person could ask in this day and age is why would I ever want to listen to a radio stream? I mean, can't I just get whatever music I want on demand anyway? Can't I just hook into iTunes or Napster or some file sharing software and get whatever song by whatever artist whenever I want? Sure you can.

So what the hell do you need Internet radio for? You can't even download the songs!!! Why just sit and listen to a stream of music that somebody else programmed?

The answer is because somebody else programmed it. In this iPod world we can easily fall into a rut of own making. Case in point... I have over 4000 songs on my iPod and I still find myself getting hopelessly bored by the selection. I constantly need to update and change and add new tunes. If I stop updating for even a week I get depressed.

And the crucial part of this updating process is finding new artists and new sounds that are not currently in my head. Sure I can groove on old favorites, but it's the new shit... or the old shit that's new to me... that makes life everything it can be.

This radio station is the fruit of that updating process... the extension of my love and need for music. I like to consider it freeform for the simple reason that I don't like to be tied to a genre, but my tastes lately are jam/improv heavy. As such you'll find a lot of Dead, Phish, DMB, Widespread Panic, Particle, Galactic, STS9, Medeski, Martin and Wood and the like mixed in with jazz giants like John Coltrane and Thelonius Monk. You can also expect to hear singer/songwriters like Josh Rouse and Elliot Smith alongside classics like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, the Beatles and Bob Marley. When I'm feeling nostalgic for days gone by I may throw in some Smiths, R.E.M., Cure, Housemartins, or the Clash.

In the end, I'm just happy you're reading this now and that you might find some enjoyment in the mix. Thanks for stopping by and above all, thanks for listening and loving music.