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Featuring the top 10 songs that were being played on radio stations during the 4th week of December for each of the years 1957-1969. Not currently updating due to computer problems. Sorry.

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I grew up in the 50s and 60s and listening to Top 40 radio was a huge part of my life. Lived in central Illinois so WLS was as much a part of my life as was eating, going to school or sleeping. I also enjoyed tuning to other Top 40 stations to see what their 'sound' was like. I even set-up my own amateur radio station in the basement of our house in 1962. I bought a low-power AM transmitter kit from Allied Electronics in Chicago, somehow managed to put it together where it actually worked...added a reel-to-reel tape recorder, turntable, microphone and lots of switches...hooked-up probably 100 feet of copper wire to the transmitter that I strung in the backyard...and went on the air. Not much of a signal but a LOT of fun. I SO wanted to be a DJ when I grew up...but that never materialized. I kept my love for radio even as it evolved away from the Top 40 format. Later in life, looking for a hobby, I decided to go back to being an amateur broadcaster. So in January, 2001, I started broadcasting with a micro-power FM transmitter, named my radio station "MusicRadio-SUPER OLDIES" (with still not much of a signal but no copper wire strung in the backyard...haha), and continued to keep my dream alive until June 29, 2012, when I discontinued the broadcasts. Now, Live365 is the way I share MusicRadio with the world. I have renamed the station to "SUPERb OLDIES" at the request of someone who now has the other name trademarked. 'Superb' is about as good as it gets! :) Anyway, hope you enjoy it! THX for reading this and, hopefully, listening once in awhile.

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'MusicRadio SUPERb Oldies' playlists are a collection of the weekly top 10 hits for each of the years 1957-1969 played in succession. The songs are 'clipped' to about 30 seconds each. The playlists are changed every Sunday to correspond to the current week. My collection is based on the WLS, Chicago, Silver Dollar music surveys starting on October 14, 1960...the date WLS first began broadcasting it's Top 40 format. For dates prior to that I used various radio station music surveys that I was able to find. I put a lot of time & effort into creating these collections, but it was a blast every step of the way and brought back a lot of memories for me. There are many Live365 stations playing an oldies format, but my station is unique in that I let you reminisce with only the most popular songs grouped together for a specific timeframe. I hope you will remember the good times you had while listening to songs that were such a special part of those good ol' days of Top 40 radio!