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Live! Vista West - Narvan, Gel-Sol and Parabolic have a Session!...Smoke Machines, Psych Lights, Incense and...The Archives...Prog and Electronics Galore!.......For fierce electronics...mysterious vocals...wailing's Applied Space!

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...from the archives at the South-Wing of the Vista Estates...collecting the sounds of progressive, electronic, ambient, industrial creativity for many years....DJ's the both of us....KRAB in Seattle WA...WRUV in Burlington VT ...ahhh yes!...bringing cool sounds to the far-away hamlets and abodes across the land...... Broadcasting live Saturday's 9PM PST to 2AM+ PST -- or occasionally -- Friday evenings on 365. The show is saved and available for you to hear 24/7 for that week and then it's sent into the archive addition of Applied Space (search narv1) ....we offer a selection of genres to listen to, featuring progressive rock, electronic and experimental sounds with Franklin, Cully, Tad, Gel-Sol, Mysticwrnch and others as your hosts....delving into the ancient cassette and vinyl realms...with lots of CD's too.....even reel-to-reel and 8 track lurk here!

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This is the latest edition of Applied Space, broadcasting live every week from The West Wing of The Olympic Vista Estates music archives complex--archived for a week (or so...)until the next edition! Check out for info on this show and for previous editions of Applied Space....We're entering the 14th year of Applied Space on 365! Dragging the vinyl, cassette, CD, reel to reel treasures from the vaults for your listening pleasure!..."Applied Space", featuring Progressive, Krautrock, 'Classic' Rock, Garage and Psych 60's Mod, Electronic, Experimental and Ambient sounds with Franklin and Cully and other guests as they arrive.....the likes of The Amrine Ring, Mysticwrench, The Tadmeister, DJ Cynic, EZ Action, Gel Sol, Devi the Danger Bunny, Zar-um, Maldek and many others over the years....keeping the flames alive and bright in playing the poetry of the Timeless Sounds! For, as you know, Music, IS The Food of Thought! Much of the musical archives are vinyl, so there is a certain natural sound you'll experience here - namely - the occasional *pops* and *clicks* !! We'd rather bring you the sounds with a natural ambiance of the ages upon them rather than wait to afford buying them flawlessly sounding on CD or the enjoy! Requests, comments and suggestions are always welcome! or call us if you'd like - 206-321-4109 - it's great to hear from listeners from afar and hear your perspectives on the musics which you have and get the word of what's happening in your lands!