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The Eclectic Jam, playing all sorts of neat stuff all the time. From progressive to pop to punk, and more ( P or not ).

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Rokuzen (aka Ryan Livingston) is an up and coming Megalomaniacal Media Mogul who loves music and art.

He currently has a day job flipping photocopies, but with the help of his creation, The New World Otter, will be one of those fringe celebrity types soon enough.

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New World Otter radio is a station that caters to the educated rock and pop listener who want more out of a radio station.

As such we'll try to keep the "hits" to a minimum (though theres nothing wrong with a commercial classic) and deal a lot in the obscure tracks lost to time or pushed aside by the industry.

Right now NWOt Radio is in its infancy so bear with us as we learn. Any feedback is worth its weight in gold, or coleslaw (as thats all we can afford now).