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ALASKA'S TUNDRA TRASH RADIO The Last Frontier Of Rock Only The Best Heavy Metal Hard Rock Stoner Rock Indie Rock

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Hey!! Don't let the name fool you! You're at the right place and exactly where you want to be if you are looking for the best rock on the internet. Tundra Trash Radio was voted Best Metal Station for 2004 and is a venue to some of the best independent artists you will ever hear!.You'll only hear tunes that meet my personal QUALITY head banging checks. If it doesn't work for me, I won't bother putting it on the station. TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO TUNE IN: THANK YOU! You are the BEST! You keep this station alive and worthwhile.(Nevermind the fact that you have GREAT taste in music!) Thanks for listening. I appreciate each and every one of you!! SPECIAL THANKS to all the independent artists who have given their music to Tundra Trash Radio. It sure wouldn't be the same without your contributions. Thanks for making such great music and shariHullng it here! You ROCK!

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WARNING!! This station plays music with explicit lyrics!! Alaska's Tundra Trash Radio plays the best in Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, and Stoner Rock. This station is also home to some of the best independent artists you will ever hear! Featured artists include: 35007, 3 Hole Face, 18 Speed Tranny, Acid King, Ahkmed, Alabama Thunderpussy, Astrosoniq, Baby Woodrose, Bad Boat, Balero, Black Lamb, Borgo Pass, Bowlscraper, Bullseye Powerrock, Causa Sui, Circus Alabama, Coexist, Complicate, Contrive, Couldron, Colour Haze, Countach, Cringe, Cyphilis, Damn 13, Debris Inc, Defy, Determination, Devil To Pay, Devillac, Diablo Red, Ditchliquor, Divided Sky, Dixie Witch, Dozer, Ego Pool, Egypt, Electric Magma, Electric Wizard, Electro Baby, Face Of The Earth, Facecage, Fireball Ministry, Five Horse Johnson, Flesh Machine, Floating Widget, Fluidage, From Beyond, Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned, Glowsun, Godzero, Grand Magnus, Gravitron, Hainloose, Half Of Zero, Heads In The Clouds, Hellstream, Heretic's Fork, Hermano, Hognose, Honcho, Imprint, Inruin, Inside, intodown, Iota, Jecano, John McBain, Lazerwolfs, Left Hand Army, Lockjaw, LowTon, Madking Ludwig, Malicious Damage, Mandroid, Marshan, Maurfahr, Mezzanine, Milligram, Mojo Gurus, Mountain Maker, Mountain Mirrors, Mr. Bones, My Sleeping Karma, Nebula, Never The Sunshine, Numbah Ten, Obiat, On A Pale Horse, Palace In Thunderland, Pale Horse, Papa Joe, Pelican, Peeping Tom, Phased, Pink Mountaintops, Piranah, Planet Delirium, Planet Gemini, Poseidotica, Psychedelic Mooj, Red Sparowes, Saint Vitus, Salt Of The Earth, Sasquatch, Seismic Anamoly, Sgt Sunshine, Sheavy, Sick Porky, Sideburn, Sixty Miles Down, SkullBot, Skywise, Southern Whiskey Rebellion, Solace, Space Grass, Space Probe Taurus, Starchild, Stomped, Stoner Kebab, Souldivider, Soulpreacher, Subarachnoid Space, Sula Bassana, SuperGiant, Super Heavy Goat Ass, Tallman, Ten East, The Black Angels, The Cooters, The Ganjas, The Glasspack, The Great Escape, The Rubes, Thulsa Doom, Tia Carrera, Tides, Transonic Science, Trial By Stone, Trifog, Ufomammut, Unida, Unit 29, Unrest, Valkyrie, Valis, Winterun, Zaius, Zenith, and comedy clips courtesy of Celtic Pub Radio. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to tune into "The Trash"!! If you are an artist playing metal and would like your music featured here, drop me a line, would lov e to check it out!! (arcticbyte@yahoo.com)Thanks! Beth (northernlightz)